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METRO Act Right-of-Way Permit Notice Requirement

METRO Act Right-of-Way Permit Notice Requirement

Section 6.(6) of the METRO Act states that “A municipality shall notify the commission when it grants or denies a permit, including information regarding the date on which the application was filed and the date on which the permit was granted or denied.”  Please submit a letter or email to the Michigan Public Service Commission providing notice of any METRO Act right-of-way permit approvals or denials.  The following information should be included with the notice:

1.      Who the permit is with

2.      Date of application

3.      Date of approval/denial

4.      Whether the permit is unilateral (5 years) or bilateral

5.      Contact person for the municipality with phone number and email address

The letter or email should be sent to the attention of:

Mr. Ryan McAnany, Acting Director
Telecommunications Division
Michigan Public Service Commission
7109 W. Saginaw Hwy.
P.O. Box 30221
Lansing, MI 48909

METRO Act permit questions can be directed to Sean Kelly at 517-284-8210 or

The MPSC website includes a report listing the permits previously received from municipalities:,9535,7-395-93309_93439_93464_94128_94129_94325-503418–,00.html