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Frequently Asked Questions

Metro Act Fees FAQs

Q: How are maintenance fees determined?
A: Providers are invoiced annually (on or around April 1) by the Local Community Stabilization Authority (LCSA) as follows:

Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) Assessment Calculation

ILEC assessments are the lesser of:

  • Annual per foot fee of 5┬ó per linear foot, or
  • Number of access lines times the statewide per access line per year fee of the provider with the highest number of access lines in Michigan (AT&T).

Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) and Broadband Company Assessment Calculation

CLEC and Broadband Company assessments are based on linear foot fee only for each ILEC in which they reside.

The equation for CLECs and Broadband companies is ILEC per linear foot fee times CLECs/Broadband’s linear feet in that ILECs territory.

Cable Provider Fees

$0.01 per linear foot if facilities capable of providing broadband internet transport service. This assessment may be satisfied if the aggregate amount of investments certified by the cable provider exceeds the amount assessed.

Q: How and when will the collected fees be distributed to the municipalities?
A: 100% of the collected funds are distributed back to the municipalities usually by May 31 of each year. Cities and villages receive 75% of the funds using the Michigan Department of Transportation PA 51 formula for allocating transportation funding to municipalities. Townships receive 25% based on their percentage of the total linear feet of right of way in townships as specified in section 11 of PA 48.

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